AWPD next play out 

After the quiet of the winter the band is stepping out at the St Matthews Fete this Saturday the 8th of October. The Fete will be held in QEII Square all day and the band will be down there for a tune at 11am. See you all there!

2016 AGM Results!


Is now over with new members elected to the Executive Committee.

In case you’ve forgotten who was elected, here is the list:

President                 Barry Prater

Vice President       Heather MacMillan

Sec/Treasurer        Erin Allenby

Pipe Major              Angus Beath

Pipe Sergeant        Carl Rogalski

Drum Sergeant     Elyse Hudson

Elected member  Frank Brisolin

As the newly elected President I would like to welcome the new members to the Exec. I would like to thank the outgoing members for their support over the years.. Thank you Milton Mann and Roger Buck and Jimmy McNair

The role of the Exec and the band is to steer it in a positive direction with the intent to provide a harmonious musical place to come to, as well enjoy the music the band provides not just to the band members but to the general public.

All members of the exec are approachable at anytime to help deal with any situation that may arise. Please do not hesitate to contact if you need help with anything.

I would like to thank all members who demonstrated their democratic right to vote/ nominate for the various positions that became vacant on the band. In some cases a vote needed to be taken to produce a result.

2016 Band Information Day

The weather was a nice crisp 6c at 8am in QE2 Square this morning. The band broke the silence at 9.45 with a nice round of stirring tunes under the direction of Pipe Major Angus Beath near the Entertainment Centre. A small crowd had gathered to witness the event. At approximately 11am the band reformed near the Dean St end to play another round of stirring tunes. A wonderful exhibition by one of the local radio stars having his first ever attempt at ‘playing’ the pipes and the drums kept the crowd and the band entertained until ‘Olly’ ran out of puff! A big thanks to Tom and Olly for promoting the band on the day!

The drum corps also entered the fray with a fine display of drumming. At 1pm the band commenced its final play out in front of a large crowd of delegates who were emerging from the Emergency Services Conference at the Entertainment Centre. The crowd showed their appreciation by taking photos accompanied with applause. We thank our band members who turned out to support our day. Some fourteen brochures were handed out to the public. We also thank the volunteers who manned the table and handed out brochures.